Friday, 29 April 2016

Dad met his Waterloo


 "In the day of prosperity be joyful,
                    But in the day of adversity
                    Consider:" Ecclesiastes 7:14a

               My day of reckoning began
               When Dad's business collapsed.
               He had retired from civil service
               Voluntarily to set up a finance house.
               Until his retirement,
               He was the Accountant-General
               Of the State.

              He met his Waterloo

             When he was duped of a 50M dollar
             Mortgage loan.
             His major assets and property
             Were sold and his savings
             Began to dwindle.

            He couldn't look up to me
            For help,
            I was a disgrace to the family.
            My brother, John
           A qualified lawyer,
           Took the legal proceedings of the fraud
           Till the case rested.

           I had no source of income
           And the freebies I enjoyed
           From Daddy was put on hold.

          My account went red,
          I became dead

Thursday, 28 April 2016

My Incredible Bunk Mate

                                     "Can the Ethiopian change
                                      His skin, or the leopard
                                      His spots" Jeremiah 13:23a

                        Jenny was such an incredible bunk mate.
                        Hardly did she attend lectures.
                        A night crawler,
                        A chain smoker,
                        A drug addict,
                        A lazy bone.
                        She drinks to stupor and gives me
                        Sleepless nights with her snores.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Campus, Another Sodom, Another Babylon

                         "Verily I say unto you
                           It shall be more tolerable
                           For Sodom and Gomorrah
                           Than for that city" Matthew 10: 15

                On my book shelf
                 Is a dusty KJV bible,
                 Presented to me
                 By Mom.

                I never opened it
                But, it was always my companion.
                I hate church,
                I kept a distance from the fanatics
                On campus.
                How I hated them with a passion!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Little Bossy Madam

                                       "Do unto others
                                        As you would have them
                                        Do unto you" Luke 6 : 31

                    I was rather too harsh
                   On the house helps.
                   I gave them a hard labour
                   For their meagre pay.
                  I frustrated their efforts.

                 You bend the rules,
                 You're fired!
                 Nobody messes with the boss'
                 Little angel.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Sweet 16

                 Shortly after my mother died,
                 I became Daddy's centre of attraction;
                "Apple of his eyes".
                He was such a doting father.

               I didn't miss Mom though,
              We were always at loggerheads.
              She had a third eye
              For unprecedented situation,
              Dad however, was a blind sailor,
             Who saw the stormy sea,
             Yet pat you on the back;
             And sail all along,
            Till you had a shipwreck.
            He spoilt me silly.

           That reminds  me,
           My sixteen birthday bash!

Friday, 22 April 2016

Daddy, you were wrong, Mummy was right


        "Train up a child in the way
          He should go,
          And when he is old,
          He will not depart from it'' Proverbs 22:6

         My mother!
         My sweet mother of blessed memory,
         Late Mrs Abanikanda,
        You were a rare gem.
        Wish I had listened,
        Wish I had obeyed.
        You led by example,
        Yet, I, your daughter,
       "Maria mimo" (Holy Mary)
        As you fondly called me
       Was a black sheep.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Diary of Sister Mary

                                     Oh diary!
                                     It really amazes me how time flies.
                                     Such is life!
                                     Wish I could turn back the hand of time.
                                     Silly me. So, I am 40 years old today?
                                     Can't believe it! God have mercy.
                                     Can't believe I've wasted my prime years
                                     Chasing shadows.
                                     Thought I was smart,
                                     But, all along I've been living in
                                     A fool's paradise.

                                    Oh diary!
                                    Remember, how brilliant a chap
                                    I was, back in the days...
                                    Studious, inquisitive and witty.
                                    Remember the laurels and awards
                                    I received for my prestigious college
                                    I must have been fooled..
                                   The bible is right..
                                   A companion of fools shall be destroyed.. proverbs 13: 20

                                  Oh diary!
                                  My life has been in shambles
                                  Until now..
                                  Christ saved me!
                                  Thank you, sweet Jesus
                                   For the salvation of my soul.

                                 Oh diary!
                                 Wait till I tell you more
                                 Of my escapades
                                 I might just be saving a life
                                 By this write-up.

                                Oh diary!
                                Had I known!