Friday, 29 April 2016

Dad met his Waterloo


 "In the day of prosperity be joyful,
                    But in the day of adversity
                    Consider:" Ecclesiastes 7:14a

               My day of reckoning began
               When Dad's business collapsed.
               He had retired from civil service
               Voluntarily to set up a finance house.
               Until his retirement,
               He was the Accountant-General
               Of the State.

              He met his Waterloo

             When he was duped of a 50M dollar
             Mortgage loan.
             His major assets and property
             Were sold and his savings
             Began to dwindle.

            He couldn't look up to me
            For help,
            I was a disgrace to the family.
            My brother, John
           A qualified lawyer,
           Took the legal proceedings of the fraud
           Till the case rested.

           I had no source of income
           And the freebies I enjoyed
           From Daddy was put on hold.

          My account went red,
          I became dead


  1. He really met is Waterloo,kudos Kemmy

  2. The father is the daughter's first love. He should have been firm, disciplinarian yet loving all the same.

  3. heee kemi,the Lord is ur strength,keep it up.i believe life goes on,even if you don,t want it to.