Friday, 22 April 2016

Daddy, you were wrong, Mummy was right


        "Train up a child in the way
          He should go,
          And when he is old,
          He will not depart from it'' Proverbs 22:6

         My mother!
         My sweet mother of blessed memory,
         Late Mrs Abanikanda,
        You were a rare gem.
        Wish I had listened,
        Wish I had obeyed.
        You led by example,
        Yet, I, your daughter,
       "Maria mimo" (Holy Mary)
        As you fondly called me
       Was a black sheep.

       I grew up in a family of four.
      My parents were blessed with two children.
     My brother, John, who is now a successful lawyer
    And I, a school drop-out.
    My tragic story began the day pride was seen in me.
    Truly, I was beautiful
    And no man walks around me
   Without casting a glance.
    I became so obsessed with my beauty
   And all I have left are mere shadows.

   My sweet mother,
   She noticed and did her best
   For me to imbibe godly virtues.
  Times without number,
  She  would say,
'' Beauty is vain".

 "Spare the rod
   Spoil the child" proverbs 13:24
  My daddy spoilt me silly.
  He made sure I lacked nothing.
  He is ever ready to defend me
  Even when I am wrong.
 Wish my Mom was the Dad,
 She was sweet yet firm.
 Had the cold hands of death
 Not snatched my mother
 In a ghastly motor accident,
 I would be telling a different story.

Mom was a pillar
Daddy, you are a caterpillar.
Wish I had listened to you, Mother.
I was 16 years old
When she died.
Death, where is thy sting? I Corinthians 15: 55