Thursday, 21 April 2016

Diary of Sister Mary

                                     Oh diary!
                                     It really amazes me how time flies.
                                     Such is life!
                                     Wish I could turn back the hand of time.
                                     Silly me. So, I am 40 years old today?
                                     Can't believe it! God have mercy.
                                     Can't believe I've wasted my prime years
                                     Chasing shadows.
                                     Thought I was smart,
                                     But, all along I've been living in
                                     A fool's paradise.

                                    Oh diary!
                                    Remember, how brilliant a chap
                                    I was, back in the days...
                                    Studious, inquisitive and witty.
                                    Remember the laurels and awards
                                    I received for my prestigious college
                                    I must have been fooled..
                                   The bible is right..
                                   A companion of fools shall be destroyed.. proverbs 13: 20

                                  Oh diary!
                                  My life has been in shambles
                                  Until now..
                                  Christ saved me!
                                  Thank you, sweet Jesus
                                   For the salvation of my soul.

                                 Oh diary!
                                 Wait till I tell you more
                                 Of my escapades
                                 I might just be saving a life
                                 By this write-up.

                                Oh diary!
                                Had I known!


  1. Watch out for the thrilling memoirs of our dear sister Mary, only on this blog.

  2. Happy belated birthday. May your new found faith lead you to happiness, joy and fulfillment.

  3. Whose birthday? Our dear sister Mary or mine? lol. Thanks all the same. What is most important is the salvation of my soul. Heaven is my goal. Jesus loves you like no other!

  4. Love this write up,this world is not ours ,just passing by.

    1. We desire a better country that is, a heavenly. We are strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

  5. Nice write up! He who has ears, let him hear.