Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Little Bossy Madam

                                       "Do unto others
                                        As you would have them
                                        Do unto you" Luke 6 : 31

                    I was rather too harsh
                   On the house helps.
                   I gave them a hard labour
                   For their meagre pay.
                  I frustrated their efforts.

                 You bend the rules,
                 You're fired!
                 Nobody messes with the boss'
                 Little angel.


               I never did any house chores
               My brother does;
               Dad was indifferent.
               John was kind,
               I was cruel.
               He was humble,
              I enslave them.

              They call me
            " Margaret Thatcher"
              Behind my back though,
             Who dares confront the lioness.
             They cooked,
             They dusted,
             They scrubbed and swept,
             Ring the bell;
             And the banquet table is set.

            I feel their pain,
            I was mean;
            Very mean and heartless.