Thursday, 28 April 2016

My Incredible Bunk Mate

                                     "Can the Ethiopian change
                                      His skin, or the leopard
                                      His spots" Jeremiah 13:23a

                        Jenny was such an incredible bunk mate.
                        Hardly did she attend lectures.
                        A night crawler,
                        A chain smoker,
                        A drug addict,
                        A lazy bone.
                        She drinks to stupor and gives me
                        Sleepless nights with her snores.

                       Thought I could help her out
                       Till she dragged me in the mud.
                       No sooner, we became birds of a feather.

                       Gradually, I began to skip lectures.
                       After all, I could read on my own,
                       So, I thought.

                      "Pass through school
                       And let school pass through you"
                       Those were Jenny's words.
                       Never knew there's a payback time.

                      I became a party freak,
                      I never miss any celebs show on campus.
                      I failed my exams woefully;
                      My GP dropped.
                      My Dad became worried,
                      But, there's more than meet the eye
                      Under the influence of drug and alcohol.

                      My set graduated,
                      I was rusticated.
                     My father wept profusely when he heard the News.

                    I became a nuisance,
                    A nonentity...