Monday, 25 April 2016

Sweet 16

                 Shortly after my mother died,
                 I became Daddy's centre of attraction;
                "Apple of his eyes".
                He was such a doting father.

               I didn't miss Mom though,
              We were always at loggerheads.
              She had a third eye
              For unprecedented situation,
              Dad however, was a blind sailor,
             Who saw the stormy sea,
             Yet pat you on the back;
             And sail all along,
            Till you had a shipwreck.
            He spoilt me silly.

           That reminds  me,
           My sixteen birthday bash!

           It was the bomb!
           The sons and daugthers of who is who
          In the society graced the occasion.
          The turn-out was massive.
         So much to eat and drink;
         And much to give away.
         I really stole the show.

        I was his shining armour,
        His first-fruit,
       The delectable lady of the house;
      "His sweet 16".
       I have become a miniature woman,
       Most honoured, most beautiful,
       Second to none,
       At least, in my own world of fantasy.

     "Pride comes before a fall" Proverbs 16 : 18
      I was on top of the game.
      I see myself prettier than the girl next door,
      In my shallow thinking so to say.

      Ask me why?
      I've got a rich dad,
      She's got a poor dad.
     I get VIP treatment at occasion and events,
     She doesn't.
     I live in affluence,
    She lives in penury;
   Who cares!
   She's rather unfortunate.
   I'm sophisticated,
   She's an uncivilized animal.

    Above all,
    I am beautiful,
   Well-fed and nourished.
   Men flock around me
  Like bees to honey
  She is left alone;
 None can stand her presence,
 How she stinks!



  1. it is inhuman to look down on another being. No one knows tomorrow. You cud think ur leading the race only to come last at the end of the race.

  2. Indeed, no one knows tomorrow. Love your neighbour.

  3. treat them the way you want yourself treated!