Tuesday, 17 May 2016

At a Crossroads


                                   "I am poor and needy, and my
                                     heart is wounded within me" Psalm 109:22

                                  Moses woke up with migraine,
                                  The reason could not be far fetched;
                                  He didn't eat anything last night.

                                  He thanked God
                                  For yet another day
                                  And prayed for better days

                                Not so long after
                                He had prayed,

                                Two men drove
                                Into the uncompleted building
                                In a Toyota Hilux.

                               He teetered and hid himself
                               He could hear from their
                               That work would soon commence
                               At the site.

                              He was at a crossroads.
                              It was like a stab
                              At his chest,
                             Where would he go from here?

                             As soon as the men left,
                             He picked his luggage
                             And walked quietly
                             Dragging his feet
                             Across the road.

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