Thursday, 19 May 2016

Behind Bars

                             "Until the time that his word came:
                               The word of the Lord tried him." Psalm 105:19

                             In broad daylight,
                             Moses became a prisoner
                             For no just cause.

                           He was thrown
                           Behind bars along
                           With other social miscreants
                           Who had no one to foot their bail.
                           Neither can he locate Uncle Larry
                           Nor go back to the village.
                           He regretted coming to Lagos.

                        "I will not give sleep to mine eyes,
                         Nor slumber to my eyelids" Psalm 132:4

                       Moses prayed all night
                       He couldn't sleep.
                     "Shut up", the prisoners shouted.
                     "Why has God not saved you?"
                       Before Moses could say
                       "Jack Robinson"
                      One of the inmates slapped him
                      And he fell and fainted.

                    The prison warden on duty
                    Heard the shout and immediately
                    Rushed Moses to the hospital.


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