Thursday, 12 May 2016

Child of Destiny

                                Oh diary!
                                Before Christ was born,
                                His destiny had been foretold.
                                Pharaoh's daughter
                                Had compassion on Moses
                                For he was destined
                                To be a deliverer of Israel.

                              Oh diary!
                              The counsel of God
                              Stands forever; Genesis 37:18-28
                              Joseph's brothers fought
                              Aggressively against
                              His destiny,
                              Yet, he became a Prime Minister
                               In Egypt.

                          Oh diary!

                          I am born to reign
                          I am born to rule
                          I am destined to be unique.
                          God says so.
                          I believe it,
                          I claim it,
                          It's mine!

                        Oh diary!
                        I shall fulfil Purpose
                        I shall fulfil Destiny
                       No circumstances shall truncate my destiny.
                       So help me,

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