Friday, 20 May 2016


                                     "Lord, remember David, and all his afflictions: Psalm 132:1

                                     Moses was well attended to by the Nurses
                                     And he was resuscitated back to life.
                                     A 3-day bed rest was recommended by Dr Johnson
                                     And he was referred to the General Ward.

                                   Dr Johnson has soft spot for Moses
                                   And kept wondering what could
                                   Have led such a promising
                                   Young chap to police custody.

                                  He was greatly disturbed that he had
                                  To make findings from both Moses
                                  And the inspector in charge of the case.
                                  He had a natural liking for Moses
                                  And promised to be of help.

                                  He would do everything within his power
                                  To ensure Moses doesn't go back to jail.
                                 "He deserves a better life," says Dr Johnson.

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