Monday, 16 May 2016

Hungry Moses

                      "Bread of deceit is sweet to a man;
                        But afterwards his mouth shall
                        Be filled with gravel"  Proverbs 20:17

                      Don't let him go,
                      Thief! thief!
                      Ole! Ole!

                      Moses dropped the parcel
                      And ran for his dear life.
                      He had stolen a loaf of bread
                      And was almost apprehended.
                      He was dead hungry.

                     He sobbed and sobbed,
                   "If only God would hear my cry
                    And provide a daily bread",
                    He lamented.

                    He went back to his abode,
                    An uncompleted building
                    Along the creek.
                   He had been living there
                   For the past four weeks now.

                  He had left his village
                  For greener pasture in the city
                  And now, he could barely survive
                 Each day without stealing.

                 The little sum he had left
                 Had been pick pocketed
                 At Oshodi
                 And he had  lost the address
                To Uncle Larry's place.

                As each day goes by,
                He prays for favour
                To smile on him.

               He went to bed

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