Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Jenny's Tales of Woe and Agony

                                    "There is a way which seemth right
                                      Unto a man, but the end thereof
                                      Are the ways of death." Proverbs 14:12

                                    Shortly after my honeymoon,
                                    I had a frank face to face chat
                                    With Jenny.
                                    I was particularly disturbed and
                                    Flabbergasted by her miserable look...

                                   Someone who had travelled out of
                                   The shores of the country
                                   Looking beggarly.
                                   It's absurd,
                                   Really absurd!

                                  Her story, she began isn't something
                                  She had eloped with her lover-boy
                                  Cum drug baron to Europe
                                  In a bid for greener pasture
                                 And journey of no return
                                Only to be misguided to a
                                Nightmare of drug trafficking.

                               She spent all her earnings
                               On gambling, wild living
                               hard drugs and alcohol.

                              She soon went bankrupt
                              And was deported
                              Back home

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