Monday, 9 May 2016

The Estranged Guest

                         "And when the king came in to see the guests...
                         ........ Friend,how camest thou in hither not having
                          A wedding garment?........" Matthew 22:11-12

                      We matched into the beautifully
                      Decorated hall with the bridal train,
                      Guests were already seated;
                      And they gave us a standing ovation.

                      It was a funfair;
                      Eating, drinking, dancing
                      And merry making.

                   We took beautiful snapshots
                   With family, friends and well- wishers.
                   However, just before the closing remark
                   By the bridegroom,
                   There was a loud noise
                   At the gate.

                 A lady had forcefully entered
                 And was almost whisked away
                By the security personnel.
                But, she insisted she's a close friend
                To the bride.

               Her name was whispered in my ears
               On the high table,
               I gave my consent
               And she joined us.

              Jenny, my incredible bunk mate.
              Looking sickly and fragile.
              I wonder what she is up to this time.

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