Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I Need to Know

         " my people are destroyed for
          lack of knowledge...." Hosea 4:6

            Knowledge, they say
            Is power.
            It was mid term break
           And this thought of the
           Holy Spirit
           Bothered my mind.
           Peace elude me.

          I must ask Daddy.
         He seemed so religious.
         I guessed he knew
        The scriptures so well
        Better than little Jane.
        He must have the answers.

        My Dad came as usual
        To pick me
        And I asked,
      ''Who is the Holy Spirit?''

        And guessed what,
        He replied with an
        Rhetorical question.
      ''And what has that got to do 
       With your studies?
       Come on,
       Get in the car!''

      I was so ashamed of myself.
      I got in the car
      And we zoomed off.

     My mother couldn't answer
     My questions either.
     She was rather too busy.
    ''Tell it to Jesus''
    ''Tell it to Jesus'',
      She sings into my ears.
      And it clicked.

     I took it to God
     In prayer.

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