Thursday, 24 November 2016

My Divine Encounter

                  ''who is like unto thee,
                    O Lord, among the gods?
                    who is like thee,
                    glorious in holiness,
                    fearful in praises,
                    doing wonders?'' Exodus 15:11

                    God did answered
                     My prayer.
                    This is an experience
                     I would never forget.
                     I called it
                    ''My Divine Encounter.''

                    It was at a 3- day
                    Open air crusade,
                    Tagged '' Holy Spirit''
                    And this really fascinated me.

                  Day 1 was awesome.
                  The Man of God
                  Lifted the burden
                  Off my chest
                  When he said
                  Speaking in tongues is a MUST
                  For every believer.
                  As this is the initial evidence
                  That you are baptized
                  With the Holy Spirit.

                 The message sunk
                 And like Oliver Twist
                ''I want some more''.
                ''I must be at this crusade tomorrow,''
                  I said to myself.

                 It was on the third day
                 During an intense worship
                 That I got baptized 
                 With the Holy Spirit.
                 How I hungered 
                 And thirst for it.

                 The Spirit of God
                 Came upon me
                 In a gentle way.
                 I spoke in tongues
                 For the very first time.

                It was amazing
                Really amazing!


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