Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Saint Janet

           " even a child is known by his doings,
           whether his work be pure,
           and whether it be right.'' Proverbs 20:11

          My name is Janet.
          Fondly called ''Saint Janet"
          I was such a godly child.
          My mother said,
          My first words after I was weaned
          is HALLELUJAH !

         I was so different
         From my siblings
        Very churchy and obedient
        And she took notice of it.

        I started school early.
        It was actually at High School
       That I had the salvation experience.
       Then, I was 12 years old.
       My bosom friend led me to Christ.

       The memory of that
       Crucial moment
       Still lingers on...

       I had an inner circle of friends;
       Jane, Juliet and I.
      On this memorable day,
      We prayed together
       In our cubicle
       Just before midnight.

       Suddenly, Jane,
       The prayer anchor
       Began to speak in an unknown tongue.
       I could not continue..
       I opened my mouth agape
       In wild exasperation.

      The prayer ended
      And I beckoned on my friend
      Wanting to know how and why.
      How I coveted the gift then!

      Jane was just too glad
      To expound to me
      The mystery of the Spirit of God.

      Not too convinced,
      I went to bed
      Perplexed, Disturbed
      And Restless.

      Who is the Holy Spirit?
       I need to know.


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