Friday, 25 November 2016

Spirit of Excellence

             '' forasmuch as an excellent spirit,
              and knowledge, and understanding,
              interpreting of dreams, and shewing
              of hard sentences, and dissolving
              of doubts were found in the same
              Daniel...'' Daniel 5:12

              Shortly after I gained admission
              Into the University,
              I joined  a Campus Fellowship
              And became a prominent
             Prayer leader.

           It may interest you to know
           I never found it challenging
           Building a spiritual lifestyle
          On campus
          With my academics.
           I was such a genius!

           God really blessed me
          With such a good IQ.
           I ran a prayer marathon
          Before the break of dawn
          Every Monday and still
          The first to get to the lecture room
          At 7.00am.

          I pay attention to detail
         And my course-mates always
         Stood in awesome wonder
         To my assiduity.

        No wonder  I passed out
        With a first class honours
         All by the grace of God.

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