Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A Little Confession

                            "if we confess our sins,
                             He is faithful and just
                             to forgive us our sins
                             and to cleanse us from
                             all unrighteousness.'' 1 John 1:9

                            I woke up on my bed
                            The next day feeling disturbed.

                           I must wake up
                           And face reality.

                           I just narrowly missed
                           God's perfect match for me.

                          I need help.

                          I must summon courage
                          To tell Pastor
                          My plight.

                           Not Later.

                         I showered,
                         Got dressed and had breakfast.
                         I set out for the church office.
                         My Pastor was taken aback
                         To see me so soon.

                        I didn't mince words.
                        I told him everything.
                        He was really disappointed.

                        I was the apple of his eyes
                        He felt really sorry for me.

                       We prayed together
                        And he promised to talk 
                        To my parents
                        About the matter.

                        I thanked him
                        And hurriedly left
                        For work.


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