Wednesday, 14 December 2016

A New Chapter

                                  "let us be glad and rejoice,
                                    and give honour to him:
                                   for the marriage  of the lamb
                                   is come, and his wife hath
                                   made herself ready." Revelation 19:7

                                  John had been married previously
                                  But his wife died in  a plane crash.
                                  They had no issue till her death.

                                 I couldn't hide Jerry
                                 From him.
                                He got to meet my son first
                                At the grocery;
                                And in his numerous visits
                                To my home.

                               How he dotted on 
                               My boy!

                             Jerry saw him as a father-figure
                             A vacuum, I can never fill.

                           John and I attended social functions
                           Together; christian gatherings
                           Wanting to part no more.

                         He was such a darling
                        And this time,
                        I knew, I heard from God.

                       We had just arrived from
                       A breakthrough service
                      When John surprisingly
                       Proposed with a toast.

                       I didn't hesitate.
                       I grabbed his arms
                      And said "YES"
                      Loudly in the presence 
                     Of my son.

                     Jerry echoed my response
                     In wild excitement
                     And wrap his arms 
                    Around us in warm embrace.

                    We got married in holy matrimony.
                    John adopted Jerry
                    As his own son;
                   And we live happily ever after!

                   This is my testimony
                   Never give up on God.


                                                                                                           The End.

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