Thursday, 1 December 2016

Just a Little Sin

                     ''lest there be any fornicator,
                       or profane person, as Esau,
                      who for one morsel of meat
                      sold his birthright''...Hebrews 12:16

                     It was the year 2000.
                     Joshua was newly employed
                     In my office;
                     A Millennium Staff,
                     A Chartered Accountant,
                     And a bubbling christian.

                   He was everything I ever
                   Wanted in a man.
                   Tall, eloquent, intelligent
                   And good looking.
                   He was God- sent
                   So, I thought.

                   I was desperate.

                   Joshua seemed
                  To know my weakness
                  And I fell for him.

                  We had two dates;
                  And I let down my guards.
                  I never knew Joshua
                  Was married but living single!

                  His wife and children
                  Were based in Abuja.
                   No wonder he travels
                   Often to Abuja
                   Under the guise
                   To see his parents.

                   I've been scammed!
                   I didn't see the red flags.
                   Silly me!
                   I was already pregnant,
                   Six weeks gone,
                   Before I knew.
                   What a shame!

                  I  sold my birthright
                  On a platter of gold!