Friday, 2 December 2016

Why Me, God?

                        ''the Lord does not delay
                         His promise, as some
                         understand delay,
                         but is patient with you....2 Peter 3:9

                        I couldn't abort the pregnancy,
                        I was stuck.
                        Joshua denied paternity.
                        I resolved to bear the grunt.

                       8 weeks gone!
                       I was at a prayer vigil
                       In my local church.
                       My Pastor said,
                      ''See me after service''.

                      I was fidgeting
                      What for?
                      I wonder.
                      Has my secret sin been

                     I summon courage
                     And met with him
                     After service.

                   I was surprised to see
                   Jessy, our Youth Pastor
                   Based in United States
                   Seated comfortably in the
                   Pastors' lounge.

                   Mind you, he was also single.
                   And we were about the same age.

                 My Pastor informed me
                 Of Jessy's interest in me
                 And would like me
                 To pray about it.

                 Jessy was all smiles
                 As our eyes locked.

                 I looked at him
                 In wild bewilderment.
                 So, God has not forsaken me.

                 I began to shed tears

                 They thought it was
                 Tears of joy
                 But, you and I
                 Know better.

                 I told my Pastor
                 I'd get back to him.

                 I walked out of his
                 Office in shame.

                 I wept profusely 
                 All the way

                 What a pity!

                 How do I tell
                 My Pastor
                 That I am pregnant
                 Out of wedlock?

                 Why was I too hasty
                 When my miracle
                  Is just around 
                 The corner?

                 Why Me,


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